If your application is successful, then as a Certified Culinary Travel Associate, you will receive:

  • High-resolution certificate. You will receive a high resolution color certificate in PDF format, suitable for printing (by you) and framing (hang in your office or place of business)
  • Portable credentials. You can take your certification with you if you move to another business.  You do not need to get re-certified if you change companies.
  • Impartial third-party assessment. You might already have great reviews and know something about the experiential needs of travelers. With our certification, you are part of something bigger. We’re the world’s leading authority on food & beverage tourism. Your marketing claims will carry weight & reassure your guests.
  • Human verification. Ask anyone to get in touch with us directly to verify your certification (no extra charge).
  • Online listing (coming 2020). We're working on a new consumer-facing website that will give you much-needed visibility as a Certified Culinary Travel Associate. When it's ready, you will receive a basic online listing for yourself, a great way to prove to your potential customers that you are an expert.