The fees are straightforward. In the first year, the vast majority of applicants will not pay anything more than the initial (first-time) application fee of € 299. Discounts may be offered through our certification partner so ask your FEG-member association about it

Other possible fees can include:

  • Need more time? Get an extra 30 days extension to work on any part of your application: € 99 per 30 days
  • Optional annual renewal: € 49 per year (your FEG-member status must be current)
  • Lapsed application (applies if 31 days or more transpire after your certification expires): € 299 (new application)
  • Consumer website enhanced listing: TBD [coming soon]
  • Official VAT invoice: € 15 (you will automatically receive a purchase invoice from the system, and you can also use your credit card charge as evidence of the payment; however if you require a formal VAT invoice, it will need to be created manually by our staff, and this takes time). Your invoice will still show a zero VAT amount.

Since we are a US-based organization, VAT is not payable. In fact, no taxes of any kind are payable. 

You may be charged in a currency other than the currency we bill in. Read here for more information & disclaimers about billing practices and fees.