Your online certification listing lasts for 365 days from the date your application is approved. 

You can choose to renew your application annually to update your contact information and continue your online listing for another year. Renewal consists of a short application where you declare if any of your information has changed.  You must also ensure that your membership with FEG-member associations and affiliate partners is also current. 

If you choose to renew your certification, there is a small annual fee. Fees are discussed here. You will receive a new enamel lapel pin and a new certificate showing the coming year, so that your customers and employer will know that your credentials are current. Your website listing will also continue for an additional year.

If you let your certification lapse, you will still have your enamel pin and certificate dated for the time when you were certified. Please note that after your certification expires, your listing will be removed from our online database, and we will no longer be able to verify your certification to your customers, guests or employers.

You may choose to cancel your certification at any time during the year of validity. There is no fee for cancellation, and no refunds are made for unused time.