The Culinary-Certified Tourist Guide application is comprised of the following components: 

You'll start your application by registering your contact details, validating your eligibility and then paying the application fee. This is also where you will upload a copy of your valid guide license.

Next, you will watch two Masterclass videos. Our Masterclasses are held online at World Food Travel University, our state-of-the-art online learning system. The Masterclasses are conducted only in English.  You will be able to pause, rewind, fast forward and search within the videos. The videos also feature text captions so you can follow the written words. Note that you will not be able to download the videos. After watching each Masterclass, you will take a short comprehension test with multiple choice, true/false and fill-in-the-blank questions. You must score at least 70% correct answers to pass each test.

Module 1:

The certification begins with watching our Masterclass 3 - Understanding Food & Beverage Loving Travelers (approx. 45 minutes).  What you'll learn:

  • Demographics of Food & Beverage-Loving Travelers
  • Psychographics of Food & Beverage-Loving Travelers
  • PsychoCulinary Profiling & How it Helps Finetune Marketing
  • Food-Loving Traveler Decision-Making

Module 2:

The certification continues with watching our Masterclass 4 - Becoming a Successful Culinary Tourist Guide (approx. 45 minutes). What you'll learn:

  • What Makes Food and/or Beverage (F&B) Tours Special
  • Food/Beverage Tour Design & Planning
  • How to Meet & Exceed Customer Expectations
  • Problems & How to Solve Them on Food & Beverage Tours

Module 3:

The last module is the assessment itself. In this module. Then there are a few short essay questions where we ask you about your experience as a food or beverage tourist guide, as well as questions about your knowledge of the culinary culture of the area in which you guide. This part of the application is reviewed by our internal team for completeness, professionalism and accuracy.

It is possible that you might pass the tests for Modules 1 and 2, but not pass Module 3. If this happens, we will give you feedback on your answers. You will then have one chance to update your application (no extra charge). If you do not pass on the second try, you will need to wait 365 days before applying again, and a new application fee will be required.