The new MCTP program requires a total of 5 online Masterclasses. Each class lasts just under an hour in duration. A comprehension test is also required and follows each Masterclass. For a native English speaker, tests can typically be completed in less than 40 minutes. (5 Masterclasses x 60 minutes) + (5 tests x 40 minutes) = 500 minutes

Students are also required to write a research paper or article in your subject matter of interest (i.e. you choose the topic). The minimum length is 2500 words. How long this takes depends on you. Do you have an idea in mind? Have you organized your thoughts into an outline? Do you get writer's block? Is it hard for you to write? For a student who is focused and able to write relatively comfortably, we estimate this should take about 5 calendar days. It does not need to be done in 5 consecutive days.

Students are also given unlimited time with your faculty advisor (usually a video or audio conference call). You might just want one phone call. You might want 10. You can book as many one-hour blocks of time as you require to answer questions to your satisfaction. For the purpose of time computation, let's assume that you have 2 x 1 hour meetings with your advisor.

500 minutes + 5 calendar days (7 hours/day) + 2 hours = approximately a minimum of 45 hours of time

The time it actually takes you can be sorter or longer, depending on a variety of personal factors.

The total time you commit does not need to be in one block. While you can start and pause your learning at any time, we have found that students who simply sit down and get through the work in a few solid weekends are the most likely to complete the course. They also exhibit the highest amount of learning retention. Regardless of how you distribute your time, you must complete your Master's program within 90 days after you signed up.

It is a modest investment of time and money, compared with other schools, universities, colleges and centers that provide food and beverage tourism training.

Don't you want your food tourism Master's training to be through the organization that founded the food tourism industry nearly 20 years ago? If you answered yes, then you want your food tourism training from the World Food Travel Association.