In 2018, we made several significant changes to the Awards program:

  • The Awards categories were overhauled to more precisely reflect the needs and interest of our industry. Nine (9) new awards categories were introduced. See the Awards website for the list of current categories. Three of our new categories are directly linked to our Association's Food Tourism 2025 Initiative (scroll down to the Goals section). We believe strongly in our goals for our industry and hope that you will too.
  • We removed the Best Food Destination category, and gave that to our strategic partner World Travel Market (WTM), for their new awards program. In alignment with what matters most, our judges felt that it is often very subjective to define "best food destination". We're helping advise WTM's awards in this category and are committed to recognizing it, but it is no longer a core focus of ours.
  • All awards categories now take a similar amount of time to process by our judges, so destinations no longer need to pay a higher application fee (past applications from destinations were much more labor intensive, requiring a higher application fee in the past).
  • We've announced a new, public Awards Ceremony (taking place annually at the FoodTreX Food Travel Innovation Summit in London).
  • Awards winners get more benefits, including a complimentary registration to the FoodTreX Food Travel Innovation Summit (a £399 value).
  • Several applicants in the past did not have credit cards and therefore were unable to apply because of they were unable to pay the application fee. We're now able to accept wire transfer payments from most countries at no additional cost. When you request the bank transfer details, we'll let you know if transfer fees from your country are included, or if an extra bank processing fee will be required.

We trust that you'll find these new changes worthwhile, and we look forward to receiving your application!