We understand that sometimes your career takes you in a different direction. For example, you might change jobs. Are you sure that canceling is the right step to take? If you're having trouble locating our membership resources, for example, we can help you find the Members Only Area pages. Just log in to your member account and refresh the page. You'll see the navigation will change and then you should see the Members Area, where you will find things like downloading the member logo, member interview questionnaire, etc. Or perhaps you never received your welcome letter? That could just be an email deliverability issue. We can send you a new welcome letter, or change your email so that you can receive our messages at a different address.

If none of these are the issue and you've decided you no longer need your Association membership, please keep in mind that unfortunately, memberships are non-refundable. However, you may transfer your membership to one person of your choice one time while your membership is still valid. This might be a colleague, co-worker, friend or someone else in the industry. They can be located anywhere in the world. If you'd like to transfer your membership, please submit a support ticker and introduce us to the person you would like to transfer to. We'll take care of the rest.