It's no secret, there are plenty of awards programs around the world. You've probably seen dozens of categories and competitions for best food and beverage products, recognition for best destination marketing campaigns, acknowledgement of guest satisfaction, etc. The FoodTrekking Awards are different in the following two main ways:

  1. We focus specifically on food and beverage tourism. By this, we mean how food and beverage are woven into the travel experience. So not so much serving a meal in a restaurant, but why that business is considered a must-see by its customers. Why would people travel any distance to experience it?
  2. We focus on excellence of the experience.  The word "experience" is key here.  Again using the above example, it's not that the restaurant serves great food (a meal), it should serve a memory. What makes this an experience? It could be the service, the venue, a little something extra that all customers get. If it's not a physical business (such as software or an app), then it could be the app user experience that is extraordinary. Whatever your business is, think about how you deliver an excellent experience.

The FoodTrekking Awards are designed to drive awareness of, and foster excellence, in our industry, and stand on their own merit compared to other worthwhile industry recognition programs.