Association members receive discounts according to their member level (check the online secure Members Area (after you are logged in) for discount details and your code). Discounts also apply to registration for our regional food travel summit events anywhere in the world.


Qualified media are invited to submit a request for discount consideration (use the submit ticket above). Please be sure to send your website and evidence of your publication portfolio. Eligible media types include writers, bloggers, photographers, podcasters and videographers. We reserve the right to determine who is qualified. If we grant your request, you will be notified by email with the discount code and amount. Discounts vary by event.


We are unable to offer student, academic or NGO discounts, we are sorry. All of our events are priced as low as possible so that the greatest number of people attend. See if you might qualify for one of the other discount types discussed here.


For people who are retired, living on a disability allowance or unemployed against your will (you must provide evidence of your active and current work search), we welcome you and understand that education like the type we provide is a critical part of your career and personal growth and can contribute towards improving an adverse situation. Please submit a request with your details using the submit ticket button on this page. Such requests are considered on a case-by-case basis. We will notify you by email with our decision. NOTE: we also ask delegates to make a voluntary contribution towards a scholarship fund so that we can offer more discounts. If you are a regular delegate and reading this, please consider donating to the fund (delegates are asked during the checkout process). Fund contributions are awarded in the same market where the event occurs, so you can know exactly where your contribution is going.


For groups of 3 or more people registering at the same time for the same event, we offer a discount. The discount depends on how many people and which event. Please submit a request with these details using the submit ticket button on this page. We will notify you by email with the discount amount and code for your group.