That's great to hear!  First, we need to be sure of two things: 1) are you the right person to lead a chapter? and 2) is there enough interest in your area to form a chapter?

The first step is to become a Certified Ambassador for the Association in your area. To do this, you need to enroll as a silver level member of the Association and then, like every silver member who wishes to become an Ambassador, you must demonstrate your engagement in, and passion for, our industry and Association. Once we see your engagement and passion, we may invite you to begin Certified Ambassador training (at no extra cost). Once you have completed your training and are a Certified Ambassador of the Association, then you'll need to find 10 members in your area who have a confirmed interest in joining the Association. Once you do that, we will be happy to create an official chapter of the Association in your area. And as a Certified Ambassador, you'll be in a great position to manage your area chapter.