The Masterclass series of classes are individual classes that you choose based on a specific subject, for example, how to create a food or beverage tour company or event. You purchase each class individually and when the class is done, there is nothing more for you to do, except to take an optional knowledge test or to choose another class of course. Each standalone Masterclass is pure education, and offers no marketing benefits. So when you complete a Masterclass, there is no official certificate or recognition from the World Food Travel Association. For those interested in doing more with your Education, we recommend exploring our Master Culinary Travel Professional program below.

The Master Culinary Travel Professional (MCTP) program is based on our industry's oldest and best respected program to certify experts in the culinary travel field, the Certified Culinary Travel Professional program, which was founded in 2008. Since then, close to 1,000 students graduated the program. Our MCTP program has been redesigned to meet the needs of today's learners. There is more content and more specific content, there are better marketing benefits, more is included, and you get more time with your faculty advisor. Click here to learn more about Masterclasses.