All of our memberships and products are priced as low as possible. We understand that there are countries in the world where personal income is much lower than personal incomes found in Europe, North America and Oceania. While we understand and respect the position of less affluent regions, the fact remains that our Association operates in North America and Europe. Our expenses are normal and customary for these areas and we need to cover the cost of expenses that we incur in these areas. Also, we're talking about business income, not your personal income. If you manage a hotel or tour company (for example) and charge your customers in US dollars, Euros, or Australian dollars (for example), then your pricing is most likely at a premium level to match the expectations of customers arriving from these more affluent areas. If this doesn't suit your situation, then please consider applying for a grant from your tourism office, the United Nations World Tourism Organization, or USA or EU aide charities, or economic development organizations that would typically fund an expense like this as education, training or economic development.