Cost for Food Travel Monitor by the World Food Travel Association

Why do you charge for your Food Travel Monitor?

Performing quality research costs money. We must cover the cost of the time spent by the research team, the analysts, and the report writer and editor. There may also be a cost to purchase responses from qualified respondents to our surveys. Then customer service and sales take time too. As a small, non-profit organization, we need income which means that we need to charge a fair price for our products and services. If cost is an issue, we do provide one report to the industry at no cost (our annual State of the Food Travel Industry report).
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    • Do you have any free research or reports?

      Yes, the State of the Food Travel Industry report is provided free as a service to our industry. You can request a copy of the latest report from our website here.
    • How often is the Food Travel Monitor published?

      The last Food Travel Monitor was published in January 2020 and included a special COVID update that was published in July 2020. The previous Food Travel Monitor was published in June 2016. Beginning with 2020, we standardized on a quintennial (every ...
    • How much do speeches or workshops cost?

      The cost of a speech or workshop varies depending on the speaker you select, the size of the audience, the duration of the speech/workshop, and whether travel is required. Please get in touch and we'll discuss your needs with you. Then we'll provide ...
    • Do you have a free or discounted or student membership plans?

      If you're looking for a free membership, we do offer a free membership in our GastroTerra online food travel trade community. If you are a part-time or full-time student, you can enjoy a discounted student membership in our GastroTerra community. The ...
    • What fees are involved in Culinary Capitals?

      There is a simple, single annual licensing fee for Culinary Capitals certification. The exact amount depends on a few factors that we will go over with you on a call. The fee covers our staff time to review your application, perform our analysis and ...