Terms and Conditions for our various events

What are the Terms & Conditions of your events?

As a delegate for any event produced by us, or one of our partners, you are subject to the following terms, conditions, and rights:


  • (All Events) Every delegate must be registered to attend any of our events.
  • (In-person events) Every delegate must check-in at the registration desk to obtain a name badge, which must be worn at all times.
  • (In-person events) Delegates are required to advise in advance in writing of any dietary concerns or requirements. You can do this in the notes/comments area of the registration form or by opening a support ticket and advising us at least 7 calendar days before the event. For any life-threatening allergies, you must also advise the registration desk when you arrive, and your meal server before you are served any food.  All notifications of food allergies must be presented in writing.
  • (All Events) Registration may or may not be available on the day of the event, depending on advance ticket sales and venue terms.
  • (In-person events) We are sorry, but we do not extend conference invitation letters and we are unable to help with travel visas.


  • (All Events) No full or partial refunds are given for arriving late or missing an event.
  • (In-person events) Because we must forecast attendance closely with the venue and reserve space, as well as food and beverage, for you, we are sorry but no refunds are available for ticket purchases. If you purchased a ticket and know you will not be able to attend, you may request a name change to someone else for a name change fee of 10% of the ticket price you paid.
  • (Online events) We can refund your payment if your refund request is made 15 calendar days before the event date (according to the start time zone of the event). Space is limited for our online events, so when you cancel, it may make it hard for someone else to attend if the online event was sold out. You may request a name change for no cost one time up to 48 hours before the event start time. Between 48 hours and the event start time, no name changes can be processed.
  • (All Events) If any event is canceled by us for any reason, you will receive a refund of the full amount you paid.
  • (In-person events) If any event is forced to end early due to issues with sound, electricity, security, or a similar issue, you will receive a refund prorated to the percentage of the event that took place before the event was forced to end.
  • (In-person events) If an event cannot take place due to a natural disaster, the act of war, government action, or venue strike, you will receive a refund of the full amount you paid.
  • (Online events) If a session of the full event, or the full event, cannot take place as scheduled for any reason, including failure of electricity or Internet services, we will reschedule the sessions with the speakers directly and will record their full presentations, as if the session was recorded live for all attendees. You will receive a link to all of the recordings for which you have registered, as soon as such recordings are available.  In such circumstances, most speakers welcome you to contact them directly with specific questions about their presentation, since registered delegates cannot ask questions during a session that is recorded later.


  • We accept most major credit and debit cards for payment. We are sorry but we do not accept cash or check/cheque payments.
  • We also accept wire transfers. We use Wise for the lowest possible fees. A processing fee may or may not be required, depending on where your payment is coming from, how you transfer it, and where it is deposited. Please contact us in advance for wire transfer instructions. We will also let you know if any fees are payable with your transfer.
  • Tax invoices are not provided. The checkout process allows for you to enter in a VAT number and your business address. Use the confirmation you will receive as your VAT invoice receipt.


  • (In-person events) Seating is open and on a first-come basis.
  • (In-person events) If you have any dietary concerns that you advised us of in advance, please be sure to alert us at the registration desk. You are required to let your server know as well.
  • (In-person events) If you have a dietary concern that you did not advise us of in advance, we will do our best to accommodate your requirements, but cannot guarantee that we can do so without advance notice as described above.
  • (In-person events) Questions and answers are handled on-screen using the software. Please come prepared to ask your questions this way (it will be explained by the emcee as well). We do NOT use a microphone for questions and answers.
  • (Online events) Questions and answers are handled on-screen using the conference software's chat tool.
  • (All Events) We do not publish or share speakers' presentations. If you are interested in a speaker's presentation, please ask the speaker directly. Some speakers are happy to share their presentations, while others do not.
  • (In-person events) PHOTOGRAPHY/VIDEOGRAPHY: Cameras and microphones may be in use on the event day by us or media professionals in attendance. Your image or voice may be captured by one of these devices. By registering for our event, you agree to grant the WFTA the right to use your image or voice in promotional materials. If you do not want your image or voice used in post-event promotional materials, please let us know in person at the event, as well as by opening a support ticket at the top of this page so that there will be an audit trail of your request.
  • (In-person events) YOUR RECORDINGS: You may record video, audio, and images of any content from the event, with the following rules. If a speaker, emcee, or authorized event representative states that no recordings are allowed for a particular session or activity, you must comply and turn off your device. It is against event policy for a delegate to record a speaker's full session by any means. In-session recordings are limited to a 3-minute duration. After the event, you may publicly post audio and video clips up to 3 minutes of duration on any public website or data repository for sharing. 
  • (Online events) You will receive a link to access a recording for all sessions for which you are officially registered. Recordings are not downloadable, but they are accessible for a full year after the event.

See the separate FAQ about our Event Code of Conduct.


  • (In-person events) We reserve the right to ask you for government-issued identification (ID) at the registration desk. If the name on the ID does not match the name of the registered participant, you may be denied entry. Please see above for our refund and name change policies.
  • (In-person events) We reserve the right to search bags and luggage for security purposes before you will be allowed to enter the event.
  • (In-person events) Registered delegates are responsible for the security of your own personal items. The event cannot be held liable if anything is misplaced, broken, or stolen during the event.
  • If you see something suspicious (person, package, item, situation) during the event, please alert both event staff and venue staff immediately, without delay.
  • If you have any personal security concerns, including harassment of any kind, please alert event and venue staff immediately and we will do our best to resolve the situation quickly.
  • (All Events) For the comfort of all delegates, any attendee engaged in outbursts or protests of any kind, or any acts of violence, will either be required to leave without refund of any kind and possibly handed over to police custody if the situation warrants.


  • (All Events) Emergencies happen. If a speaker is unable to attend for any reason, we reserve the right to substitute both the speaker and the session subject with another relevant speaker and topic, without notice to you.


  • Naturally, we strive to publish correct information at all times. If you notice an error, inconsistency, or problem on the event website, our Association website, in these FAQ pages, or anywhere else, we would be grateful if you would let us know. You can open a support ticket directly on this page, or you can also let us know at the event.
  • If we notice an error, inconsistency, or problem on the event website, our Association website, in these FAQ pages, or anywhere else, we will take steps to immediately correct the issue, without notice to you.


  • Your contact information and registration data are for our internal use only and are subject to our GDPR policy

  • Some events not produced directly by the World Food Travel Association, including FoodTreX Regional Food Travel Summits, may be subject to additional local policies, terms, and conditions. Consult the specific event website for details.

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