Membership pricing & discounts at the World Food Travel Association

We live in a country where our income is limited. How can we afford to join?

Are you considering membership based on your personal income or business income? If you manage a hotel or tour company (for example) and charge your customers in US dollars, Euros, or Australian dollars (for example), then your pricing is most likely at a premium level to match the expectations of customers arriving from these more affluent areas. Therefore, we would expect that you can be able to afford our very nominal membership price. Remember that we also offer a free membership option.

If this doesn't suit your situation, then please consider applying for a grant from your tourism office, the United Nations World Tourism Organization, or USA or EU assistance charities, or economic development organizations that typically fund an expense like this as education, training, or economic development.

We realize that a membership price of €99 per year may represent a significant portion of your monthly or annual wage in certain countries. However, we incur our expenses in Europe and North America, and therefore it is impossible for us to be able to cover our expenses to manage a large number of memberships that are severely discounted. Also, we did extensive research with our members from all over the world, representing countries with a wide variation in purchasing power parity. The feedback we received from these members is what led to our current membership model - free, student, professional and business levels.

If a paid membership is simply impossible for you for whatever reason, please enjoy our free membership! You can sign up here.

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