Speaking at FoodTreX events

I'd like to apply to speak at an upcoming event. What do I do?

We are always looking for talented people to speak at our upcoming events. The topics we cover vary by event type.

For FoodTreX Regional Summits, we look for examples of how-to's, best practices, case studies, marketing campaigns, fundraising campaigns, trends, data, technologies, and relevant services that relate specifically to the region hosting the event.

For FoodTreX Global Summit, we look for examples of how-to's, best practices, case studies, marketing campaigns, fundraising campaigns, trends, issues, data, technologies, and relevant services that have a global appeal. While a story originates in a region, the lesson learned should be applicable to delegates anywhere in the world. This format is 100% webinar and you should be both able to, and comfortable with, delivering in this format.

We always link our summit topics and speakers to one of our six practice areas (go to About Us on our home page to learn about the Practice Areas).

If you're not sure whether your proposed topic is a fit, choose a FoodTreX summit and submit your idea. If it's not an exact fit, it might be with some minor modifications.

APPLY TO SPEAK NOW  (find the on-page application link)

The available speaking opportunities at our events are limited and are therefore highly competitive. Speakers who are selected benefit from high visibility for you and your business. We will feature your name, title, session title, and description and any hyperlinks you share on the website of the Summit you're speaking at. We're planning for all past summits to stay live online, so that means the "shelf life" of your listing as an event speaker is quite long.  

Given the tremendous benefit of publicity that you will enjoy, please note that we are unable to pay a speaker fee or reimburse for travel expenses.  In addition to the publicity, you will also receive complimentary admission to the full conference at which you are speaking. For our FoodTreX Global Summit (only, as no other events are recorded), you will receive a recording of your presentation for your own professional and promotional use.

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