How is Culinary Capitals different from other recognition programs?

How is Culinary Capitals different from other recognition programs?

Culinary Capitals is a regenerative tourism program that amplifies and enhances what you already have – your area's rich culinary culture. The entire application can be processed quickly so that certified destinations like yours can start promoting your recognition right away.  The certification is designed to be promoted to food-loving travelers who are planning their future trips right now. 

Other major differences of our Culinary Capitals program include:

  • Fast feedback.
  • Excellent value.
  • Clear criteria.
  • Helpful application template with ongoing support.
  • Detailed analysis and feedback in an annotated 25-page report.
  • Non-political.
  • Year-long visibility.
  • Full 12-months of destination development assistance is included.

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    • What fees are involved in Culinary Capitals?

      There is a simple, single annual licensing fee for Culinary Capitals certification. The exact amount depends on a few factors that we will go over with you on a call. The fee covers our staff time to review your application, perform our analysis and ...
    • What is Culinary Capitals?

      For your destination and you as a destination marketer, Culinary Capitals is a regenerative tourism tool that puts the spotlight on eligible destinations - perhaps those areas that are smaller or lesser-known, but with equally satisfying and ...
    • What are your qualifications to assess and certify our destination as a Culinary Capital?

      Culinary Capitals is a program offered by the World Food Travel Association, the world’s leading authority on food and beverage tourism. We literally founded the industry and have innovated with every major program, tool or resource needed by our ...
    • What happens if we don’t renew our Culinary Capitals license or if we lose our certification?

      If your destination loses its Culinary Capitals certification, or if you choose not to renew in any year, you will lose all of your benefits. You won’t get an updated annual performance report or annual certification logo. You won’t benefit from ...
    • How do we find funding to become a Culinary Capital?

      Compared to many other certification programs (that also include development guidance), Culinary Capitals is a tremendous value and quite affordable. Still, there is a nominal annual cost. The exact cost depends on factors that we can discuss with ...