University licenses for World Food Travel Association research

How does the license for universities work?

For our Food Travel Monitor reports, we offer universities a special license that works for their students and faculty who need access to our valuable research.

Access works like this. Either the university provides us with a list of names and emails for the students and faculty who want access, or authorized users can submit a request to our help desk. Generally speaking, anyone with an academic email for the licensed institution will be authorized. There is no expiry date for access, so students and faculty can still request access until the next brand new Monitor report is published (every 5 years). 

We then send the requester an invitation to a secure link, where they have unlimited viewing of the document at any time, without any time limitations. They maintain control over their own unique access URL, which we can also deactivate when students graduate (or the university can provide deactivation dates when the initial access list is submitted, or we can set an arbitrary future date, like one year from purchase). We typically do not allow full downloading with student access, but we do allow downloading for faculty access. Exceptions can be made under certain circumstances.

In terms of payment, we typically invoice universities and prefer payment by bank transfer rather than credit card.