How does World Food Travel Association help destinations with consulting?

How do you help destinations with research and consulting?

We help destination marketing organizations and their members with research and consulting in many different ways. Over the years, we've performed food and beverage visitor experience assessments and researched and written food tourism destination strategies. In the past 1-2 years, we've introduced a new kind of food tourism development consulting that is easier to understand and more useful. 

We've also introduced our Taste of Place special report series, which combines destination strategy, experience assessment, perception analysis, and economic impact. The end result is a working document that is much easier to understand and quite useful for stakeholders. While this report series does not replace a full strategy, the Report includes actionable suggestions to help lay a foundation for sustainable and profitable current and future food tourism development work in the destination in question.  Our Taste of Place reports are an informal and non-official analysis of the gastronomy tourism situation in the target market. They are not in-depth enough and do not include primary research, which are essential components to a full destination gastronomy tourism strategy. We can help destination marketing organizations to fill in those gaps and arrive at a complete and sustainable gastronomy (culinary/food) tourism destination strategy.

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    • How do we hire the World Food Travel Association for a consulting project?

      Simply start a conversation with us and we'll see where things go. Please open a support ticket and share a little bit about your idea. We'll get in touch and set up a time to speak with you in more detail.
    • Do you offer any student/academic discounts on your research?

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    • Do you have any free research or reports?

      Yes, the State of the Food Travel Industry report is provided free as a service to our industry. You can request a copy of the latest report from our website here.
    • How does the license for universities work?

      For our Food Travel Monitor reports, we offer universities a special license that works for their students and faculty who need access to our valuable research. Access works like this. Either the university provides us with a list of names and emails ...