How do we apply as a Culinary Capital?

How do we apply for Culinary Capitals certification?


To begin the application process, open a support ticket to contact us and let us know that you want to get started.


We will create an invoice, which needs to be paid before any work begins. The annual fee includes your new (or updated) application, plus the full year of support (either as a Culinary Capital or as a Culinary Candidate, depending on your score).


Once payment is received, we send you an application template with clear and detailed instructions. The template is in Powerpoint format, which we recommend you to use for your own application.  We recommend a kick-off meeting with your stakeholders (usually by Zoom). At any time, you can ask for assistance by email, phone or Zoom.

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    • What is Culinary Capitals?

      For your destination and you as a destination marketer, Culinary Capitals is a regenerative tourism tool that puts the spotlight on eligible destinations - perhaps those areas that are smaller or lesser-known, but with equally satisfying and ...
    • What happens if we don’t renew our Culinary Capitals license or if we lose our certification?

      If your destination loses its Culinary Capitals certification, or if you choose not to renew in any year, you will lose all of your benefits. You won’t get an updated annual performance report or annual certification logo. You won’t benefit from ...
    • How will our Culinary Capitals certification be promoted?

      We promote your certification through our own, hand-curated network of thousands of media professionals around the world. In the past, we’ve worked with major outlets like CNN, the BBC, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Australian Broadcasting ...
    • When is the best time to apply for Culinary Capitals?

      Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, so you can apply at any time. If accepted, your certification begins on the date of your acceptance and lasts a full 365 days. So you can align your application with the calendar year or your fiscal year, ...
    • Who can apply to become a Culinary Capital?

      The following types of legal entities are eligible to apply for Culinary Capitals certification: City and regional tourism offices and governments Mayor’s offices Chambers of commerce Business improvement districts Food or beverage interest group ...