Getting the most out of GastroTerra membership

How do I get the most out of my membership in GastroTerra?

GastroTerra is where you can learn, share, network, and find inspiration with other members of the Association. Depending on the type of membership you have, you can search for and contact members who might be prospects for your business; pose questions to the community at large and explore the knowledge library.


Free members can search for members in the member list, post their own introductions, comment on/like most posts within the community, and ask questions or make comments in the general community forum. Free members can also download free reports and attend free events.


Premium individual members have all the free benefits, plus they get additional benefits such as access to our knowledge library (1000+ culinary tourism documents of all kinds), attend one FoodTreX event each year, attend monthly member Town Hall meetings, and more. We also offer premium business memberships which give additional benefits and visibility at the business level. Sign up first as a free member, and then upgrade to the plan of your choice as shown below. The benefits and pricing for all membership types are explained in this location:


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    • Do you have a free or discounted or student membership plans?

      If you're looking for a free membership, we do offer a free membership in our GastroTerra online food travel trade community. If you are a part-time or full-time student, you can enjoy a discounted student membership in our GastroTerra community. The ...
    • Can I have a membership in my company's name?

      In our GastroTerra community, people sign up as an individual because the community is designed for networking among industry professionals. It is not a directory to list your company's products or services. That said, you have the option to sign up ...
    • How do I turn off automatic renewal?

      It's simple. Login to your account on GastroTerra. Click your profile image in the lower left. Then click on Billing. There you will see the financial information relating to your membership. You can turn off membership renewal there. If you need ...
    • What are the benefits of becoming an Ambassador?

      Certified ambassadors of our Association enjoy the following benefits during your term: Use of "ambassador" and "certified ambassador" or "junior ambassador" titles. Listing on the Ambassador page of our website. Referrals to media for interviews. ...
    • How much is membership?

      Both free and paid memberships are offered on our GastroTerra community platform. Check the current pricing on the website. No tax of any kind is charged on our membership subscriptions.