Can I watch your FoodTreX events online?

Can I watch your FoodTreX events online?

That depends. Our live, in-person FoodTreX events are not recorded and therefore cannot be broadcast live or viewed later. If you are interested in listening to the content of a FoodTreX event, you will need to make arrangements to attend in person.

Our online FoodTreX summits are the only events that are recorded, and delegates with a full registration will receive a link to the recorded sessions. Recording links are active for 365 days.

Check out our Youtube Channel to watch recordings of presentations from some of our older events. There is a two-year embargo between when online FoodTreX events are held and when their recordings are posted online for the general public.

As for our other events, our regional roundtables are sometimes recorded, but recordings are not shared online.
Our premium member monthly Town Hall meetings are not recorded.
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