Is culinary tourist guide certification the same as your past CCTP program?

Our former CCTP (Certified Culinary Travel Professional) program was a broad food tourism industry education program that we offered from 2008 through 2018. The CCTP was retired in 2008 after graduating almost 1000 professionals from all around the world.

The new CCTG (Culinary Certified Tourist Guide) program is entirely different. The content is different, the training process is different, the intended target is different, and the benefits are different.

While we still recognize the former CCTP designation, anyone who previously graduated our CCTP program and who is currently eligible to become a certified culinary travel guide, can request a one-time €100 credit to get your Certified Culinary Tourist Guide designation, as long as you are eligible to apply. Please choose Submit Ticket above and submit your request for the discount. 

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