What are the benefits of culinary tourist guide or culinary tour operator certification?

Culinary tourist guide and culinary tour operator certifications are leading industry certifications offered by the World Food Travel Association. Our certifications are different from general tourist guide and tour operator qualifications and certifications that are required by many governments, regions, sites and monuments around the world. 

The benefits of culinary tourist guide or culinary tour operator certification offered by the World Food Travel Association are many and include the following:


  • Impartial third-party assessment of your professional experience. It is one thing to claim that you have the experience, or for customers to read glowing reviews. It is quite different for an internationally-recognized organization like the World Food Travel Association to certify that you or your company are "Culinary-Certified". This certification reassures your customers (or employer if you are a tourist guide) that you are an expert in the delivery of food or beverage tours of any kind, regardless of what others say.
  • Alignment with impartial third-party NGO. Your certification from the World Food Travel Association means that you are part of something bigger. It adds credibility and justification to your marketing efforts by showing that you are part of an international, global organization.
  • Digital badge. A two-tone version of the lapel pin that you can use on your website, along with the year you graduated.
  • High-resolution certificate. You will receive a high resolution color certificate in PDF format, suitable for printing (by you) and framing for your office.
  • Online listing. Included premium level microsite listing for you as a guide or tour operator on World Food Travel Market. It is great 'social proof" to your potential customers that you are an expert Culinary-Certified Tourist Guide or Culinary-Certified Tour Operator.
  • Human verification. Ask your customers or employers to get in touch with us directly to verify your certification (no charge for this service).


  • Beautiful color enamel lapel pin. Features our certification logo. Airmailed to you anywhere in the world.
  • Portable credentials. You can take your certification with you and guide on your own or with another tour company.  You do not need to get re-certified if you change companies.

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