What are the prerequisites to apply for the culinary tourist guide certification program?

The following prerequisites are in effect to be able to apply for the World Food Travel Association's culinary tourist guide certification:

If you are a member of one of our partner organizations (or a member of their national members):

If you are not a member of one of our partner organizations above, then you are welcome to apply if:

  • If you are already a licensed tourist guide where you operate. By "licensed" we mean as a tourist guide, not as a business. We also accept applications from tour directors and tour managers. If not, then you may still be able to apply if:
  • You have been in operation as an active tourist guide for at least two full years. Evidence is required (for example, incorporation date in government documents, client/customer reviews dating back 2+ years, etc.)
  • You can provide social proof. Evidence is required for us to analyze. You could document your success through ratings and testimonials, or any other way you feel best represents your business.
  • You can provide at least two letters of recommendation from the industry. This could be vendors you have worked with such as tour operators that contracted you or sites where you brought your guests regularly, local government, etc.)

If you are applying independently (not through one of our partners), then you will be required to provide the required evidence during the application process.

Here are some additional important considerations:

  • We certify only your knowledge and experience to lead a successful food/beverage tour. We do not license you to become a tourist guide in your area.
  • In addition to food tours of all kinds, leaders of beverage tours of all kinds are also eligible for certification. This means wine, beer, distilled spirits, even mineral waters, fruit juices, and soft drinks.
  • The certification is designed for individual tourist guides, not companies.

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