Our destination would like to host one of your upcoming events. Who can I speak with?

Thanks for your interest! We'd be delighted to speak with you but first, let us explain our event process. First, we don't shop for destinations as many other organizations do. We will only consider holding an event in a destination where we have a Certified Ambassador. Past experience has proven that someone with a confirmed level of commitment to the Association is required locally for the event to succeed. You can learn more about the program and see where our Ambassadors here. If there is no Ambassador in your area yet, let's talk about identifying someone in your area who would be a good fit. 

Like all other Ambassadors, they would need to join as a premium member and be active to earn an invitation to the Ambassador program. If you have someone in mind, please invite them to become a premium member and make their interest known to us. If no one comes to mind, and you have no current Ambassador in your area, please accept our apologies, but holding a FoodTreX event in your area will not be possible.

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