Is tax payable on your events?

The information below is our opinion based on our own research and discussions with tax professionals. The information presented here should not be construed as binding legal or tax advice. You should check with your own legal and accounting professionals for advice that pertains to you and your own personal or business situation.

Our organization is headquartered in Portland, in the State of Oregon, in the USA. Regardless, the tax may be payable on registrations, depending on where the event is held, not where our organization is domiciled.

The Online Food Travel Summit is an online event. In this situation, the event is managed from our headquarters in Portland and it is our opinion that no tax should be collected from registrants.

The Food Travel Innovation Summit takes place in London, UK. In this situation, we have been advised that UK VAT (20%) must be collected on registrations. VAT may be refundable, depending on where you live or work. Check with your own accountant about whether your payment may be refundable. VAT invoices are provided for the FoodTreX London | Food Travel Innovation Summit only.

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