How are your various events different from each other?

Currently, we offer 3 types of events. Here they are and how they compare:

  FoodTreX Online Food Travel Summit FoodTreX London | 
Food Travel Innovation Summit
FoodTreX Regional |
Food Travel Trade Events
Time of Year April, usually around the date of World Food Travel Day which is always on April 18 November, always on the Sunday before World Travel Market begins Various, rotating throughout the year
Location Online only using webinar software London, UK Various around the world
but only in markets where we have certified ambassadors of our Association
Duration & Format 8-10 sessions over 2 days, the time slot for each session is 60 minutes but speakers typically speak for 30-35 minutes followed by 5-10 minutes for questions and answers High-quality, world-class speakers, B2B meetings, and breakout workshops on specific topics. The day ends with a ceremony for the annual FoodTrekking Awards ends the day. Single-day. Varies by market, typically 1-2 days
Focus How to, Best Practices, Case Studies, etc.

1 or 2 speakers per session, webinar-style, Powerpoint screen share, video share, Q&A, etc.
Thought Leadership, Trends, Innovation, Future

Speakers focus on overarching, critical industry issues.

Workshops focus on topical industry-specific concerns.

B2B sessions are structured networking to allow delegates to meet each other (appointments are requested in advance)
Varies by market, typically a mix of thought leadership and best practices/ case studies, workshops, and even community activities.
Audience Anyone with an interest in the featured topics, such as product developers, marketers, strategists, project managers, non-profit organizations, tourism offices, governments, etc. Also, journalists and students enjoy the online summit. Everyone is welcome to attend. Anyone with an interest in the event focus, such as innovators, thought leaders, strategists, researchers, journalists. Everyone is welcome to attend. Typically local and regional stakeholders, a mix of professionals at various levels, journalists, and academics. Everyone is welcome to attend.
Recording Session recorded and made available to all delegates with paid registrations (no free registrants receive recordings). Recordings not publicly posted. Not made. Attendance at live events in person is required. Varies by market
Cost Very low pricing to cover the administrative costs of production. Current pricing on the website. Pricing varies. FoodTrekking Awards winners receive free registration. Early bird pricing is offered. Current pricing on the website. Varies by market
How to Book Registrations handled online. Registration cut-off 24 hours before each session. The payment is in EUR. No tax is payable. Registrations handled online and in-person. Payment is in £ (GBP) and UK VAT is payable. Usually through the website of our local partner who produces the event (link will be in WFTA event calendar). Payment is usually in the local currency. VAT is added at the required local/ national rate.
Exhibitors Not available. Available, but limited.  Varies by market
Sponsors Available covers the cost of webinar technology, marketing, and project management. Available covers the cost of venue rental, catering, audiovisual, speaker travel, marketing, and project management. Available covers local production costs.

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