What is FoodTreX?

The FoodTreX brand was created as the umbrella brand name for the Association’s food and beverage travel trade events. There was a clear need to unify our event brands. In the recent past, we've supported or produced events in Spain, Greece, and Australia, as well as our popular Online Food Travel Summit. With more events planned, it was time to unite our various events under a common brand so we created FoodTreX.” FoodTreX stands for "Food Travel Experience".

FoodTreX events are designed to last a single day and feature talks on topics relevant to the host market, delivered by industry experts.  FoodTreX events can focus on specific regions (e.g. Spain, Greece, Australia), specific topics (e.g. FoodTreX London | Food Travel Innovation Summit) or can also be held online (e.g. FoodTreX Online Food Travel Summit).

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