What are the requirements for Board of Directors candidates?

Glad to hear you're interested in furthering your career and/or visibility and giving back to our industry. Generally speaking, we look for the following traits in the board of directors candidates:

  • A good network of colleagues in your geographic area and industry sector
  • The reputation of respect among your industry peers
  • Commitment to, and loyalty for, the Association, our community, and leadership
  • Willingness to give freely of time and effort 
  • Creativity when it comes to problem-solving
  • Not afraid to speak up and offer another opinion

In terms of time, we have one board meeting per month, lasting about 60-75 minutes, with about 30-45 minutes of prep time before each call. Annual meetings are held usually via conference call. No financial commitment is requested or expected.

If selected, you'll be asked to sign a non-disclosure/non-compete agreement, enroll in Ambassador certification training (a 45-minute video and online test), and prepare a work plan, which you'll need to update annually (we provide a template).

If you're interested in applying when the next round of applications is open, please let us know.

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