What size area can be accredited?

It is up to you to define your own area, but it needs to be small enough that it can be called a "capital" (although it does not need to be the actual governmental capital of the area). Think about how you would promote your destination's accreditation to travelers. Consumers need a focus point. An entire country or an entire state or province, are too large of an area, but a city, metropolitan area, or small region (such as a wine region or small island) is perfect. Think about a gateway city as a magnet and conduit to other regions.

Neighboring areas can apply together, as can areas can cross country borders, if there is a good reason (for example, linguistic, cultural, culinary or historical similarities). Any small, confined, connected manageable region where the culture and cuisine are the same throughout the region can be accredited. This is when the area is not really a larger city, which is an entity unto itself. An example would be the Basque Country, which actually spans two countries (Southwest France and Northern Spain). There are more similarities and differences and from a culinary tourism perspective, it can be considered one destination by food lovers.

If you are not sure, please ask. We will help you to define the right size for your area.

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