What is the difference between GastroTerra and World Food Travel Market?

Great question!

Our GastroTerra community is our primary membership community. GastroTerra was designed for knowledge sharing and networking. This means asking questions, offering advice, sharing professional experience, researching library articles (premium members only), and getting to know other members. It is where the largest number of our members meet and interact. Here we offer both free and paid membership plans. GastroTerra was launched in August 2019.

Our World Food Travel Market website is a marketplace platform. It originally launched for food and beverage tourism industry businesses to find each other for the purpose of creating and selling products, services, and experiences related to culinary tours of any kind. Since launch, we have noticed several consumers are finding the website, which will be great for the businesses there once international travel fully resumes.  Here we offer paid subscription plans (we don't call them memberships here).  World Food Travel Market was launched in July 2020.

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