Do you have a free or discounted membership plan?

If you're looking for a free membership, try our GastroTerra online food travel trade community.

If you are a part-time or full-time student, click here to learn about the discounted student memberships we offer in our GastroTerra community.

We do not offer any complimentary/free memberships of any kind on World Food Travel Market. There are currently a couple of available discounts for World Food Travel Market memberships:

  • For all new members, because of COVID, we're offering 50% off all plans until December 31, 2020. See the home page of the World Food Travel Market for the coupon code.
  • All Culinary-Certified Tourist Guides and Culinary-Certified Tour Operators who graduate from our World Food Travel Academy receive one full year of complimentary premium membership on World Food Travel Market. Guides and operators can choose to renew at the regular rate, change your membership plan, or cancel your membership at any time.

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