How do I get access to my extra member benefits?

World Food Travel Market offers three plans - Basic, Premium, and Ultimate. Each plan gives more or better benefits than the previous plan.

Members of our Ultimate plan (the top level) get the most benefits.

First, you get more photos, videos, galleries, audio, jobs, events, blog articles, etc. You will automatically receive the maximum you are entitled to when you sign up for this level. If you need more of anything, every extra item is only €1 each! Ultimate members also get first place in the Market's search results rankings.

Ultimate members get a few extra things such as 20% off all FoodTreX events and one-hour annual business coaching. For events, your discount code will vary for each event so there is not one default code to give you when you start your membership. And for your business coaching session, we need to match you to one of our advisors - whoever makes the most sense for your business type and needs. For either, all you need to do is open a support ticket.  We'll be happy to help with additional information.

Premium and Basic members also get the variety of tools listed above for your microsite, just fewer of each one for your membership type. 

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