Is there an ambassador career development process?

We regularly survey our community to learn what our members want from our Association. In our survey from 2016, one of the top requests was a clear career development path within the World Food Travel Association! In other words, our members wanted to do more and rise to positions of authority within the Association. We needed to create a stepping stone between regular member status and our Board of Directors. We created the Ambassador program to serve as an important leadership step within our Association.

The career advancement path for Ambassadors works like this:

  • Any individual interested in serving as an Ambassador must first be a premium member of the Association. 
  • A premium member must show engagement and activity in our online community. If all goes well, we will recognize you as an "official representative" in your area. You can use the title, but you do not yet have the freedom or authority to do more on behalf of the Association. You also might want to join one of our Committees at this stage so you can get to know other members, advisors and directors. You are learning in this phase.
  • After a period of time (the duration varies by individual), and if things go well, we may invite you to become a Certified Ambassador. There is no extra cost for the Ambassador level membership, but ambassador trainees are required to watch a training video and pass an online test. The training teaches the prospective Ambassador about our Association, what we do, what an Ambassador should do in their new role, and how ambassadors can best represent their local area to the Association. Over time, Ambassadors get more training and gain the experience needed, to excel in more senior leadership positions within the Association. For example, you might be eligible one day to join our Advisors & Experts Network or even our Board of Advisors.
  • Geographic areas can have more than one Ambassador. Be sure to read this article that explains the process. And be sure to read the other FAQs about membership, ambassadorship and community.
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