What happens if there is more than one certified ambassador per area?

Becoming a certified ambassador requires a couple of steps to qualify so there will always be a limited number of ambassadors for any given area. Still, the situation arises where two or more people would be ambassadors for a single area (such as a city, a state/province or smaller country), then we have found the best way to divide the ambassador's roles and responsibilities is by industry sector, such as lodging; tour operations; academia; media, etc. Here's a hypothetical example using Spain as the area:

In the course of one year, four people (Maria, Pablo, Isabel and Iker) have been invited to become certified ambassadors in Spain. Rather than dividing them by provinces (which can be confusing as to who does what, and what happens if two people live in the same province?), we next consider the industries they work in. Maria is a tour operator in the Basque Country, and Iker works for a hotel in the Basque Country. Pablo works in publishing in Madrid, and Isabel works for an attraction in the Canary Islands. In this scenario, there is no conflict of interest or competition among these four people. Even with Maria and Iker both being in the Basque Country, Maria works in tours and Iker works in lodging. They would focus on representing their specific sectors and have to reason to compete.

Becoming an ambassador is by invitation only. The Association will ensure that we never invite another member to become an ambassador for an area where there would be a conflict with an existing ambassador. For example, we would not invite another person in lodging in the Basque Country to become an ambassador, but we might invite someone in Barcelona in lodging to become an ambassador because, while both members work in lodging, they live in different areas.

This was just a hypothetical example using Spain as the area. The same logic applies to any country or region.

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