Can I lose ambassador status once attained?

Yes, absolutely. Ambassadors must continue to be engaged and active with the Association on a regular basis. They must submit an updated workplan each year. They must watch any training videos when they are updated and pass a new knowledge test. And they must keep their paid membership in good standing. Failure in any of these areas can lead to dropping of Ambassador status. Once an Ambassador loses his/her status, (s)he will have to reapply and re-qualify in the same manner as the first time. Also, once Ambassadors lose their status, they must immediately cease use of the terms "Ambassador" and "Certified Ambassador" and destroy any Ambassador business cards. Ambassadors whose lose status also lose their listing on the Ambassadors page of the Association website (but they may still maintain an active membership at the silver level, with the same benefits available to all silver members, as long as your membership is in good standing).

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