What do area ambassadors do and how can they help me?

Our certified ambassadors are your best connection between our Association and your local area. We add new ambassadors often so if there is no local ambassador in your area yet, perhaps you should consider becoming one. Ambassador tasks include:

  • Distribute information about our Association in your local area. If news needs to be translated before distribution, ambassadors might perform the translation before sharing.
  • Gather information about the food and beverage culture in your area, and share that information with our Association. We will post newsworthy articles on our website and share on social media.
  • Serve as a contact between our Association and media in your local area. If a journalist in another country wants to interview someone locally, for example, we will introduce you as our ambassador, who will speak to the media on our behalf.
  • We might work together to plan a FoodTreX Regional Food Travel Summit in your area.
  • We might work together to hold a seminar or webinar for professionals in your area.

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