How can I become an area Ambassador?

We regularly survey our community to learn what our members want from our Association, and many of our members want a clear career development path within the World Food Travel Association. We created the Ambassador program to serve as an important leadership step within our Association, between regular membership and higher levels of leadership. This is the Ambassador advancement path:

  • Any individual interested in serving as an Ambassador must first be a premium member of either our GastroTerra or World Food Travel Market platforms.
  • We also recommend that you become active in our GastroTerra community, even as a free member. Here you will meet other members, ambassadors, and our Board of Directors. Active members get noticed. If we notice your passion for our community, we may invite you to take ambassador training, at no extra cost to you. Ambassadorship is invitation-only.
  • If you pass the ambassador training, then you will begin enjoying ambassador benefits immediately. 
  • Geographic areas can have more than one Ambassador. Here is an article that explains the process. And be sure to read the other FAQs about membership, ambassadorship, and community to answer your additional questions.

If you're interested, please join either our GastroTerra or World Food Travel Market platforms now, and then contact us to let us know about your interest in becoming an ambassador.

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