How do I get the most out of my membership in GastroTerra?

GastroTerra is our free membership community, where you can learn, share, network, and find inspiration. For example, why not:
Visit the Discovery section to see what’s new on the network.
Visit the Members section to explore the network’s members, including who’s new and who’s near you. Introduce yourself to anyone you wish! Be sure to complete your own profile so people will know something about you.
Use the Topics section to discuss specific issues in our industry. Search topics that interest you, and post your questions or comments in those topics sections. You can also discuss area-related topics in the privacy of your own geographic area group – ask your area host to set up a discussion topic for you.
Look up events in the Events section. You can also post geographic area events in your area groups. Premium members can post, edit and view. Free members can view only.
There is also a premium membership level, which gives premium members additional benefits like access to our BrainFood food tourism knowledge library, private lounges (for premium members and also media), and access to area chapters.
To gain access to premium member benefits on GastroTerra, first, you must sign up for any level membership on our World Food Travel Market website. Once we confirm your membership on the Market website, we will automatically upgrade your free membership to premium membership on GastroTerra. It is no longer possible to join GastroTerra directly as a paid member.
Area chapters are a benefit for premium members and are hidden from free members. Chapters are administered by hosts, who are responsible for directing the conversations and topics of the chapter. Chapters can have more than one host. Hosts will suggest topics of interest to your area, offer helpful advice, connect people as needed, and monitor the chapter’s activities online for any issues. Chapter hosts are typically certified ambassadors or our Association. If you’re interested in serving as a chapter host, please get in touch and we’ll suggest what you can do to get started.
Ambassadors can also visit the Ambassador lounge. Among other things, there you will find information about how to produce a local FoodTreX event in your area.

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