How can membership help a food/beverage manufacturer/distributor/exporter?

Food and beverage can be the foundation of a destination's sense of place. Travelers come for the great food and drink that your area is known for. Food lovers aren't coming for chain restaurants or businesses. Food lovers are some of the most engaged and interactive consumers available. If they love a product, not only will we tell everyone about it, but we'll also find out how to acquire it back home. Our experience with your local food and beverage products while we are visiting your area starts the word-of-mouth engine - the most effective kind of promotion. In the short term, your benefit is incrementally more food and beverage products purchased and consumed. In the long term, your benefit is exponentially more food and beverage products purchased and exported. In both situations, you're selling more products and earning more profit.

To connect with other individuals or businesses for general networking, new knowledge, and idea-sharing, join our GastroTerra community.

To promote your business to consumers, then join our World Food Travel Market.

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