What kinds of topics are available for speeches or workshops?

A wide variety of topics relating to food and beverage tourism are available, either as a shorter speech or as a longer workshop. Here are some sample topics:

  • Crafting a Sense of Place with Food & Drink
  • Millennials and Food & Beverage Tourism
  • Food and Beverage Tourism: The Hidden Harvest
  • Content Strategy in Food & Beverage Tourism
  • State of the Food Travel Industry
  • Grow Your Business with the Magic of Food Tourism
For no additional cost, we also design custom speeches and workshops that suit your specific needs.
We can deliver speeches in person, live online, or pre-recorded in an online learning system that your audience can access.
Speeches are delivered in English, and can also be delivered through simultaneous or consecutive interpreters - we are experienced in all kinds of non-English language situations.

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