How can I apply to appear on your podcast?

Do you work in food, beverage, travel, hospitality, or media? Do you have a remarkable story to share? Perhaps you have overcome a serious work or personal challenge or you achieved something tremendous? If so, we want to hear from you. Send us details about yourself, your professional background and your life challenge or major accomplishment, and a statement as to why you think your story would inspire professionals in food and beverage tourism. In your application, please answer the following questions:

  1. What are your secrets to success?
  2. What obstacles and challenges have you faced?
  3. What solutions and triumphs have you enjoyed?
  4. What ideas and inspirations are you willing to share with others who may be facing many of the same business issues?

The only requirements are that you have a fast enough broadband connection, a quality microphone, and a quiet place for the interview. 

There is no fee to appear on the podcast, nor do we accept any offers of payment to feature specific guests. We do, however, invite interest from potential sponsors wishing to target food, beverage, travel, and hospitality professionals and we also feature 1-2 advertisers per show. If you are interested in sponsoring our education programs, or advertising on the show, please get in touch by opening a support ticket above.

The show is a podcast, so the video is not required. You can count on spending about 30 minutes before the interview to prepare your remarks. The interview itself will last anywhere from 40-60 minutes. We edit out superfluous information, erroneous comments, and general chit-chat before publishing.

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