What kind of guests do you look for?

We look for professionals with something remarkable to share to appear on our 'Eat Well Travel Better' podcast. The show is about YOU, not your business, although we will certainly talk about your business during the show. If your main reason to apply to speak is to talk about your business, then you are probably not the right fit for our show.


YOU are the subject of the podcast. We start off with a remarkable story about you that you would like to share. Then we build the interview around your remarkable story, asking different questions that help listeners understand who you are and what you’ve done. You need to have a remarkable story to capture the listener's attention!


Most people have a remarkable story about what you’ve done or where you come from (even if you don’t think you do). If you’re not sure what your story might be, let’s have a conversation and we’ll work with you to find out what it is. Then use our platform to share your story with our industry. The story is less about your place of work or your role there (although that certainly comes into the conversation), and more about you and your remarkable story. You might have a hard, or interesting, or fun, or unbelievable lesson learned in life or business, and that’s where we want to start the conversation. Each year, we have nearly 4000 listeners to our podcast shows, and a further reach to an additional 200,000 food, beverage, tourism, and hospitality professionals in 100+ countries Our listeners seek ideas and inspiration to help grow their businesses. We don’t charge listeners to hear the podcast, and there is no cost to participate (some media outlets actually charge guests for the appearance - we wouldn't dream of it!).

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