General Community Questions

Why was my request to join a Chapter not approved?

If your request to join a Chapter was not approved, it is probably because you are not a Silver member of the Association. The ability to join any area Chapter is a benefit only for Silver members. Upgrade your Bronze membership today to Silver level and you can join as many chapters as you wish. If you ARE a Silver member of the Association and your Chapter membership was not approved, then it could be a mistake. Please get in touch with us and we will investigate.

How do I get the most out of my membership in GastroTerra?

Here are just a few suggestions. The possibilities are almost endless! Find your membership level below for suggestions. For all Members (Bronze & Silver) - Visit the Discovery section to see what’s new on the network. - Visit the Members section to explore the network’s members, including who’s new and who’s near you. Introduce yourself to anyone you wish! Be sure to complete your own profile so people will know something about you. - Use the Topics section to discuss specific ...

What can I do in the GastroTerra community?

GastroTerra is a place to connect, learn and share with other passionate professionals just like you. Discuss issues, ask for help with something, share information and knowledge, and of course, learn more about our industry and network with others. This is your community, so don't be shy. JOIN TODAY (

Why is the price of membership on the iOS app considerably more?

If you are attempting to purchase a Silver membership on your iPhone or iPad using the community app, you are technically buying your membership directly from Apple's store, and Apple takes a 30% commission. Ouch! Nothing we can do about it. We simply can't afford to absorb such a high fee and still keep running quality programs for our members. Here's the workaround. Buy your membership on a regular PC or Mac computer (NOT your phone) when you login to our community in a regular browser. You s...

Do you have a free membership?

Yes! As of our new community launch in August 2019, we now offer a free Bronze level membership plan with limited benefits. For more benefits, consider upgrading to our Silver level membership at any time.

How do we partner with the World Food Travel Association?

We are always open to discussing potential new partnerships, relationships and collaborations. Choose what you are looking for from the options below. DO YOU WANT TO SELL YOUR PRODUCTS OR SERVICES? We suggest you purchase a Silver membership. You can reach more of our online community with this level of membership. Silver members are also offered the option of a community-wide blast (for an extra fee). Bronze members are not offered the community-wide blast option. DO YOU WANT TO PROMOTE YOUR...

Which membership type is right for me?

Ultimately, it depends on how many benefits you want. Free membership with limited benefits: then you want Bronze level Premium membership with many more premium benefits: then you want Silver level JOIN NOW ( and choose the plan that best suits your needs. If you have a specific question that is not answered, here, please submit a support ticket here on our support portal. We're happy to help.

Our company needs memberships for several people. Do you offer packages?

Unfortunately our membership system does not support company plans. If you have 3 or more people from the same company or organization who would like to join our Silver level membership, please submit a support ticket on this page and we will contact you directly to discuss a special offer.

How can membership help a food/beverage manufacturer/distributor/exporter?

Food and beverage are the foundation of a destination's sense of place. Visitors come to your area for the great food and drink that your area is known for. Food lovers aren't coming for chain coffee or hamburgers. Food lovers are some of the most engaged and interactive consumers available. If we love a product, not only will we tell everyone about it, but we'll also find out how to acquire it back home, even in another country. We also love shopping for food - not just to eat while visiting bu...