How much is membership?

Membership at the Silver (regular) level is only US$119.99 per year (less than US$12 per month). While we do offer a Gold (Ambassador) level as well, it is invitation only. The dues at the Gold Ambassador level are exactly the same (you don't pay any extra). 

If you're using our GastroTerra online community app on an iPhone and you see the price is $149.00, that is because the Apple store takes a 30% commission on the price. Ouch! We cannot subsidize the cost of running our program while we make income for Apple. A good workaround for this situation is to sign up as a Silver member on a desktop/laptop computer, NOT the mobile app. You will be charged the normal US$119.99 price instead. Then you can access the membership later on your iPhone after you already bought it elsewhere. Android does not have these pricing anomalies.

Please note that sales tax is charged on membership and can be based on your billing address or your computer's IP address. If the tax amount is incorrect, try using a VPN to "trick" your browser into thinking you are somewhere else, for tax purpose only. Then once you have signed up with the correct tax rate, you can turn your VPN off.