Is there an ambassador career development process?

During 2016, we took steps to interview our community members and determine what you wanted out of membership, what you wanted to do with the Association and so on. We interviewed regular members, Association ambassadors and our Board of Directors. We also researched other Associations. Our research led to a couple of important conclusions. First, Ambassadors wanted a clear career development path within the World Food Travel Association. Secondly, there needed to be a stepping stone between the Ambassador level and our Board of Directors. At the same time, we knew we needed a new community platform that was capable of serving members at different levels. Our experience showed that this is the best way for to create a sustainable foundation of leadership within our Association.

The career advancement path is hierarchical and works like this:

  • A Silver level member is engaged and active in our new online community. After a demonstrated period of active engagement, our Association staff will notice and may invite the silver member to “upgrade” to Ambassador (gold) level. There is no extra cost for them to upgrade, but they are required to watch a training video and pass an online test. The training video teaches the prospective Ambassador about WFTA, what we do, and how an Ambassador can excel in their new Ambassador role. As an Ambassador, you would get the training and over time, gain the experience needed, to excel in more senior leadership positions within the Association.
  • Ambassadorship is invitation only to our silver members who show considerable engagement and dedication to the food/beverage tourism industry and to our Association. Ambassadors who are engaged and active may eventually apply to join our Board of Directors. An invitation is not automatic. If you are an engaged and active ambassador, you will be eligible to join our Board of Directors. An invitation is not automatic. We're looking for those professionals who are most interested in furthering the food and beverage tourism industry, and who are the most committed to furthering the development of our Association. If you are interested in applying to the Board of Directors, please let us know after you have been in your ambassador role for at least one year.