What is the fee to apply for the FoodTrekking Awards and how do we pay?

We are a small non-profit organization and our operating income comes 100% from program revenue. Therefore we need to charge a fee. For 2020, the application fee is US$195 per application. That said, there are no additional fees, no credit card fees, no processing fees, no winner's fees and no licensing fees. 

Payment is made online securely at the time you submit your application. All major credit and debit cards are accepted. Now we are also able to accept payments via Transferwise (rather than an inbound bank wire). If you pay via Transferwise and one of the correspondent banks charges a fee, you must also pay the bank's fee. Transferwise does not charge any additional fees to receive money. Regardless of your payment method, you will most likely be billed in US dollars, so you should be prepared that your bank might charge you a processing fee or foreign exchange conversion fee. This is their fee, not ours.