How can I become an Ambassador?


At local levels, we work with our own network of Certified Ambassadors. We maintain close relationships with these professionals to cultivate, over time, a mutually beneficial relationship.  After many years, we have found that working with our Certified Ambassadors is the most efficient and reliable way to collaborate on any project, from an event or conference, to a food tourism strategy, to local product development. Therefore we suggest that you consider becoming an Ambassador of our Association in your area. Ambassadorship is an invitation-only upgrade to our regular Silver level membership, so you would need to join as a regular member first. Making Ambassadorship invitation-only is our way of vetting qualified candidates who demonstrate passion and commitment to our industry and our Association. We identify Ambassador candidates and invite them to take the Ambassador certification training (at no extra cost to you). Then, as part of the onboarding process, Ambassadors create an annual workplan, which is like a roadmap of their activities for the coming year.  We take the information in your workplan and work with you to implement it over the course of the coming year. 

If you're interested, please join now at the Silver level membership and the contact us to inform us of your interest in becoming an ambassador.